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Welcome to Select Lunch where providing healthy school lunches is as easy as ABC

    Affordable- Our lunches are the smart, economic choice for providing reliable, healthy,
    hot lunches at a reasonable price.

    Balanced- Our menus are healthy, well-balanced, nutritious meals that will ensure that
    your little one is getting exactly what their growing body needs.

    Convenient- Our service takes the guesswork and the hassle out of providing school
    lunches by facilitating a relationship between the parents, the school, and lunch delivery
    in one secure, easy to use, web-based site.

Ordering is simple, secure, and can be done from any location using a web browser.  We accept both credit and debit forms of Visa and MasterCard as well as Discover.
   And HELP is easy ... just select Chef Alfredo for the most common questions >


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