Delivering Healthy Meals for Healthy Minds

Nutritious meals provide the building blocks a child needs to grow, develop, and learn. These blocks fit together to provide a solid foundation for a bright and healthy future. At Select Lunch we realize how important choices in early development can be for your child. As parents and guardians, you have already made a great choice by sending your child to a premier pre-school. Now you have the choice to send them nutritious, hot lunches as well!

Why Select Lunch?

  • Select Lunch menus meet or exceed all USDA guidelines for The Child and Adult Care Food Program
  • Meals are specifically designed for your children and are age appropriate.
  • Foods are prepared and delivered fresh each day.

With Select Lunch ordering is convenient, simple and secure.

Signing up for service is easy, just follow these steps:
1. Enter your Registration Key (provided by the school)... press "register".
2. Provide some information about yourself (user name, password, email) and press "register".
3. Register each student to finalize their enrollment - be sure and select their classroom.
4. Click "Order Lunches" to begin the ordering process.